The Juggernaut

2nd Lt. William Coleford


Call Sign: “Wildebeest”
Age: 27 SY
Homeworld: Alpha Centauri Bd (Horizon)

Level: 3
Hit Points: 33
Armor Class: 17 (10 + 6 Armor + 0 Shield + 2 DEX – 1 Size + 0 Natural + 0 Deflect)
Flat-Footed: 15, Touch: 11
Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +3 / +13
Size: Large (10 ft. Reach)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 20 ft.
STR 18(22), DEX 14, CON 16, INT 12, WIS 8, CHA 10
Fortitude: +6 (3 Base + 3 CON + 0 Misc.)
Reflex: +3 (1 Base + 2 DEX + 0 Misc.)
Willpower: +0 (1 Base – 1 WIS + 0 Misc.)

Repulsor Gauntlet
Attack: + 8 Melee (Bludgeoning/Slashing)
Damage: 2d6 + 6
Critical: 20/x2
Repulsor (Target must make Ref. DC = 10+STR or be knocked prone)

CS-35 Combat Shotgun
Attack: + 4 Ranged (MA)
Damage: 3d6/1d6
Critical: 20/x3
Burst: 1
Range: 20 ft./40 ft.
Magazine: 6 (S)
Destroys Light Cover

“Marauder” Exoskeleton Mk.III
AC Bonus: + 6
Max. DEX: + 2
Check Penalty: -4
Speed: 20 ft.
Powered (+4 STR)

Class Abilities
Adrenal Rage: Gain one Rage Point when damaged by an enemy while bloodied, or when you kill an enemy in melee. Maximum of 6 Rage Points at a time. Rage Points wear off after one hour. All Rage powers are swift actions unless otherwise specified.

Furious Blow: Spend one Rage Point to add +1 to attack and damage on your next melee attack.

Shrug it Off: Spend one Rage Point to gain +2 Natural Armor until your next turn.

Curbstomp: As a standard action, spend three Rage Points to make one melee attack against a prone target with a x2 modifier to damage.

Power Attack
Feel No Pain (gain damage reduction equal to half your current rage points)

Acrobatics (DEX): -2 (-4 penalty)
Athletics (STR): +8 (6 ranks, -4 penalty)
Business (WIS): -1
Concealment (DEX): -2 (-4 penalty)
Deceit (CHA): +0
Demolition (DEX): +1
Discipline (CON): +3
Espionage (WIS): -1
Fieldcraft (WIS): +2 (3 ranks)
First Aid (WIS): -1
Handle Creature (CHA): +0
Handle Vehicle (DEX): +2
Intimidation (STR): +9 (3 ranks)
Invention (INT): +1
Investigation (CHA): +0
Knowledge-Cartography (INT): +1
Knowledge-Culture (INT): +1
Knowledge-History (INT): +1
Knowledge-Politics (INT): +1
Knowledge-Tactics (INT): +1
Linguistics (INT): +1
Perception (WIS): +5 (6 ranks)
Persuasion (CHA): +0
Research (INT): +1
Science-Behavioral (INT): +1
Science-Biological (INT): +1
Science-Physical (INT): +1
Security (DEX): +2
Stealth (DEX): -6 (-4 penalty, -4 size)
Technical (INT): +1

Grappling Hook
50 ft. Nylon Rope
3x Signal Flares


Modern armies are composed primarily of automated drones which, while deadly and highly efficient, tend to perform poorly against unpredictable opponents. Juggernauts are unpredictability incarnate, genetically modified with a network of specialized glands that suffuse their bodies with stimulants when under stress. This allows them to ignore pain and perform seemingly impossible feats of strength as they cut a swath of destruction through enemy formations.

Before enlisting in the military, Will Coleford was a champion of virtual boxing, a combat sport in which participants beat one another nearly to death in virtual reality, the loser being the first to be ejected by the system’s automatic safety protocols. Eventually, however, the celebrity life began to bore him and he decided to put his talent for brutal violence to a more practical use by joining the Juggernaut program. Though it took him some time to adjust to his hulking new form, he has proved his worth many times over since joining Savage Squad and relishes being the first to throw himself into combat.

The Juggernaut

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