The Chiurgeon

1st Lt. Arjun Gao


Call Sign: “Knives”
Age: 32 SY
Homeworld: Epsilon Eridani b (Jianying)

Level: 3
Hit Points: 15
Armor Class: 15 (10 + 2 Armor + 0 Shield + 3 DEX + 0 Size + 0 Natural + 0 Deflect)
Flat-Footed: 12, Touch: 13
Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +1 / +1
Size: Medium
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 ft.
STR 10, DEX 16, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 18, CHA 8
Fortitude: +4 (3 Base + 1 CON + 0 Misc.)
Reflex: +6 (3 Base + 3 DEX + 0 Misc.)
Willpower: +7 (3 Base + 4 WIS + 0 Misc.)

CS-4 Pistol
Attack: +4 Ranged (SA)
Damage: 1d4
Critical: 19-20/x2
Burst: 3
Range: 50 ft.
Magazine: 12 (B)

Bionic Claw
Attack: + 2 Melee (Slashing)
Damage: 1d6 + 1
Critical: 20/x3
Grafted (+1 atk/dam)

Ballistic Jacket
AC Bonus: +2
Max. DEX: +5
Check Penalty: -0
Speed: 30 ft.

Class Abilities
Synthesize Agent (13/day): As a full action, use synthesizer module to create any known chemical. Chemicals expire after 24 hours. Chemicals may be administered alone or combined, sometimes with other items, to use abilities. Unless otherwise stated, using a chemical or ability is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

- Chemicals Known: Aerosol (provides light concealment in 15×15 area for 1 round), Clotting Agent (Heals 1 HP), Minor Acid (deals 1d3 acid damage; melee or ranged touch attack to deliver), Minor Analgesic (Grants 1 natural armor for 1 round), Minor Catalyst (Creates a flash of light; Fort. DC 10+WIS or Dazzled 1 round if in same space), Minor Stimulant (grants +2 DEX for 1 round), Regenerative Agent (Grants Damage Reduction 1 for 1 round)

Heal Light Wound: Use 1 Clotting Agent and 1 Analgesic Agent to restore 1d8+Lvl HP.

Combat Cocktail (Offensive): Use 1 Minor Catalyst and 1 Minor Stimulant to grant target +2 on attack and damage rolls.

Corrosive Cloud: Use 1 Aerosol, 1 Minor Acid, and 1 Canister (ranged touch, 15/15 burst, 50 ft. range) to deal 1d3/Lvl acid damage and reduce AC by 1d4 for 1+WIS rounds; Fort. DC 11+WIS halves HP damage and negates AC loss; Chemical Specialization increases all variable numeric effects by 50%.

Heal Moderate Wound: Use 2 Clotting Agents, 1 Analgesic Agent, and 1 Regenerative Agent to restore 2d8+Lvl HP.

Hemotoxic Poison: Use 2 Minor Acid, 1 Clotting Agent, and 1 Minor Catalyst to deal 2d8+Lvl damage to organic target on next successful melee attack. Chemical Specialization increases all variable numeric effects by 50%.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency – Bionic Claw
Chemical Specialization – Minor Acid

Acrobatics (DEX): +3
Athletics (STR): +0
Business (WIS): +2
Concealment (DEX): +3
Deceit (CHA): -1
Demolition (DEX): +3
Discipline (CON): +7 (6 ranks)
Espionage (WIS): +4
Fieldcraft (WIS): +10 (6 ranks)
First Aid (WIS): +10 (6 ranks)
Handle Creature (CHA): -1
Handle Vehicle (DEX): +3
Intimidation (STR): +0
Invention (INT): +2
Investigation (CHA): -1
Knowledge-Cartography (INT): +2
Knowledge-Culture (INT): +2
Knowledge-History (INT): +6 (4 ranks)
Knowledge-Politics (INT): +2
Knowledge-Tactics (INT): +2
Linguistics (INT): +2
Perception (WIS): +6 (2 ranks)
Persuasion (CHA): -1
Research (INT): +2
Science-Behavioral (INT): +2
Science-Biological (INT): +8 (6 ranks)
Science-Physical (INT): +8 (6 ranks)
Security (DEX): +3
Stealth (DEX): +3
Technical (INT): +2

Biometric Scanner (scan willing target to ascertain HP and status effects)
Bionic Arm (contains built-in reuseable syringe)
3x Clotting Agent
2x Minor Acid
2x Minor Analgesic
5x Canister


Unlike drones, most organic soldiers are unable to repair themselves when injured. This duty falls to Chiurgeons, who use their extensive medical and scientific training both to heal their allies’ wounds and to wage chemical warfare on the enemy. A portable synthesizer module allows them to manufacture nearly any drug or compound in the field, while a direct link to their squadmates’ biometric implants allows for real-time monitoring of their condition.

From a young age, Arjun Gao held a morbid fascination for the intricacies of the human body and how its systems could be manipulated by modern science. Being descended from warrior stock, he jumped at the chance to become a Chiurgeon, a position which would allow him to put his extensive knowledge of anatomy and biochemistry into practice. Now a veteran soldier and medic, he is the oldest member of Savage Squad and has earned his comrades’ grudging respect, despite their unease at his cold demeanor and borderline sociopathy. He leads others to believe that his arm was lost to a sniper’s bullet when, in fact, he removed it himself, desiring the fine motor control and versatility of a bionic limb.

The Chiurgeon

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