The Cerebrist

2nd Lt. Zachary Clairoux


Call Sign: “Waffle”
Age: 25 SY
Homeworld: Gliese 667 Cb (Durand’s World)

Level: 3
Hit Points: 21
Armor Class: 13 (10 + 1 Armor + 0 Shield + 2 DEX + 0 Size + 0 Natural + 0 Deflect)
Flat-Footed: 11, Touch: 12
Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +2 / +1
Size: Medium
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30 ft.
STR 8, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 12, WIS 10, CHA 18
Fortitude: +1 (1 Base + 0 CON + 0 Misc.)
Reflex: +5 (3 Base + 2 DEX + 0 Misc.)
Willpower: +4 (3 Base + 1 WIS + 0 Misc.)

CS-112 Flechette Rifle
Attack: +4 Ranged (SA)
Damage: 1d6
Critical: 18-20/x2
Burst: 3
Range: 20-200 ft.
Magazine: 24 (B)
Piercing (projectiles can pass through enemies they hit and continue moving in a straight line; up to three enemies total may be hit with a single shot, but only within the first range increment)

Rifle Butt
Attack: +1 Melee (Bludgeoning)
Damage: 1d6 – 1
Critical: 20/x2

Carbon-Fiber Mesh
AC Bonus: +1
Max. DEX: +6
Check Penalty: -0
Speed: 40 ft.
Grants Damage Reduction 1

Class Abilities
Battlefield Coordination: Allies share sensory information freely, allowing them all to see what any one of them sees.

Focus: Begins at 100% and depletes as you use abilities. Unless otherwise stated, all abilities require a standard action to use and their effects last until you choose to end them. Once you cease using an ability, you may regain the focus you spent on it by taking a full round action and making a successful Discipline check. Unused focus regenerates at the rate of 10%/minute outside of combat.

Bolster Precision: Expend 5% focus to grant one ally a +1 bonus to attack. You may stack multiple instances of this effect, but only up to your CHA modifier.

Bolster Mobility: Expend 10% focus to grant one ally an extra move action or 20% focus to grant them an extra standard action. The bonus action may be used immediately or saved until their next turn. This is not a continuous effect.

Scramble Targeting: Expend 10% focus to impose a -2 penalty to attack on one robotic or cybernetic target. Will DC 11+CHA negates.

Sensory Overload: Expend 25% focus to render one robotic or cybernetic target Confused. Will DC 12+CHA negates.

Exotic Weapon Proficiency – Flechette Rifle
Aimed Shot (take one shot as a full action with a +4 bonus to attack)

Acrobatics (DEX): +2
Athletics (STR): -1
Business (WIS): +0
Concealment (DEX): +2
Deceit (CHA): +4
Demolition (DEX): +2
Discipline (CON): +9 (6 ranks)
Espionage (WIS): +0
Fieldcraft (WIS): +0
First Aid (WIS): +0
Handle Creature (CHA): +4
Handle Vehicle (DEX): +8 (6 ranks)
Intimidation (STR): -1
Invention (INT): +1
Investigation (CHA): +4
Knowledge-Cartography (INT): +1
Knowledge-Culture (INT): +4 (3 ranks)
Knowledge-History (INT): +1
Knowledge-Politics (INT): +4 (3 ranks)
Knowledge-Tactics (INT): +7 (6 ranks)
Linguistics (INT): +1
Perception (WIS): +0
Persuasion (CHA): +10 (6 ranks)
Research (INT): +1
Science-Behavioral (INT): +7 (6 ranks)
Science-Biological (INT): +1
Science-Physical (INT): +1
Security (DEX): +2
Stealth (DEX): +2
Technical (INT): +7 (6 ranks)

Satellite Beacon (reveal map if satellite coverage is available)


The modern battlefield is almost entirely mechanized, and even human soldiers possess extensive cybernetics in all but the most backward armies. Cerebrists exploit this dependence on technology to optimize their allies’ performance and cripple their enemies. Using an enhanced processing unit and universal transmitter embedded in the brain, they can access and manipulate to their advantage nearly any computer system.

Born into poverty, Zachary Clairoux originally supported himself, as many do, by renting out his brain’s raw processing power to various corporations and governmental entities. However, while most in this position are content living in an induced dream state punctuated by various cheap entertainments, Zach utilized his free time to pursue a technical education and eventually became a talented engineer. Believing that he had wasted his early years, he joined the military in hopes of doing something meaningful with his life. Though his idealism is largely wasted on Savage Squad, he is well liked by his peers, who, like most soldiers, are always glad to have a Cerebrist on their side.

The Cerebrist

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